Giancarlo's Baptism

Giancarlo’s Baptism at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Miami

I was happy to be a part of Giancarlo’s baptism this past June. The ceremony took place at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Miami. It was a private ceremony with close friends and family.After the ceremony the family got together at Desiree’s home to celebrate the special day.

Saint Peter and Paul Catholic ChurchGiancarlo and his family before the BaptismGiancarlo and his God Mother at the Baptism Giancarlo and his God Father sharing a moment Giancarlo and his parents during the Baptism The priest during the Baptism at Saint Peter and Paul Church Giancarlo and his parents during the ceremony Giancarlo and his parents Giancarlo during his Baptism ceremony Giancarlo laughing with his parents Giancarlo about to receive the holy water Giancarlo getting baptized Giancarlo and his family after the Baptism Giancarlo and his parents after his Baptism Desiree with her other son Frank Luca